Asexuality: My Story

Following on from International Asexuality Day, Tina Bhartwas, the UK’s second openly asexual politician, shares her experience of being asexual as a young person involved in politics, and discusses difficulties faced by asexual people across the world. 

In Converstion With Hilary Benn MP: Event Summary

For the inaugural event of the Young Fabians Under 19s Advocacy Group, Labour MP and former cabinet minister Hilary Benn was invited to discuss his career, his views on the future of young people, and our place in the struggle for a better world. Here, Ethan Penny recalls what Hilary had to say. 


International Day for the Abolition of Slavery

Guest contributor Darren Jones MP, who is the Vice-Chair of the APPG on Human Trafficking and Modern Slavery, explores misconceptions around modern slavery and how it can be tackled. This marks International Day for the Abolition of Slavery, which takes place annually on December 2nd.

Health Is Made at Home

As part of a blog series on health inequalities, to celebrate the launch of the Fabian Society's pamphlet 'Prescription for Fairness', Jatinder Hayre explores the interrelationship between public health and the housing crisis.

Health and the Economy

As part of a blog series on health inequalities, to celebrate the launch of the Fabian Society's pamphlet 'Prescription for Fairness', Matthew Oulton untangles the link between health and economic injustice.

The Rainbow in the Panel

In the first article for the LGBTQIA+ Advocacy Group's blog takeover to mark International Day Against Homophobia, Biphobia and Transphobia, Avery Warner discusses LGBTQIA+ representation in comics and how much bigotry there is in the wider community.

A Fabian on the Streets of Sussex

Guest contributor and Vice-President of the Young Fabians, Paul Richards, discusses what Fabianism means to him and how it inspires him as he campaigns to be the Labour & Co-operative candidate for Sussex Police and Crime Commissioner.

Genocide in China: What We Have to Do

In the final of a two-part series ahead of the Criminal Justice Network's event on the persecution of Uighur Muslims, Charlie Harris discusses the action that must be taken to hold the Chinese Government accountable over its catastrophic human rights record.

Why We Fear

Victoria Parrett shares her story as she reflects on the tragedy of Sarah Everard's murder and we need men to step up in the fight to end violence against women.

It’s a Woman’s World

As part of our #IWD2021 blog series, Marie Hill discusses the role of feminism in environmental politics and how women can play the leading role in steering the environmental movement on the right course.