Young Fabians Executive Manifesto 2021-22

"As the incoming Young Fabians Exec, we pledge to develop a culture of collaboration, amplify our members’ voices, promote inclusivity and diversity, shape policy to inform the next Labour Election Manifesto and empower the next generation of Young Fabians."

Develop a culture of collaboration

  • We will make sure the Young Fabians is a collaborative, safe and welcoming space where young people across the left can work together to share ideas, debate and disagree respectfully, and build their networks and make friends.
  • We will support each other, treating each other with respect and recognising that we’re all volunteers with varying availabilities and capacities.
  • We will bring young people together across the UK, Europe and the world. We will be a prominent voice internationally.
  • We will uphold high standards of conduct and safeguarding, and work together to resolve issues that arise quickly and professionally.
  • We will manage our members’ money carefully, and not take their support for granted.
  • As an Executive, we will share knowledge and resources with members and work together as part of a wider Young Fabians team.

Amplify our members’ voices

  • We will provide our members with the platform to enhance their political education and develop their skills – including continuing our YF Academy events series. When doing so we will prioritise those who may have less access to other development opportunities.
  • We will uphold high quality standards in our outputs – including our pamphlets, social media channels, weekly update email, Antics, the YF Blog, the YF Podcast, the YF YouTube channel and our events. We will help our members to maximise opportunities from these platforms.
  • We will give our members chances to showcase and develop their ideas.

Promote inclusivity

  • We will use a hybrid system for events to improve accessibility for members across the UK (regardless of where they are based) by streaming and recording events where possible, and by holding decision-making meetings online. We will make sure there are events, including open days and socials when possible, in cities and towns outside London.
  • We will continue to support our national and regional groups and encourage creation of new ones for parts of the UK which aren’t currently covered.
  • We will work closely with our advocacy groups, and consult them on ways to make the Young Fabians more accessible for young people with disabilities, young people from BAME communities, and young people from the LGBTQIA+ community.
  • We will seek to remove barriers to participation when we’re putting our members forward to publicise our policy contributions
  • We will strive to ensure there is gender balance and representation across our platforms and amongst our officers at every level, with support and guidance from the YF Exec Women’s and LGBT + Officers. We will learn from the excellent work of the Fabian Women’s Network.

Shape policy for the next Labour Manifesto

  • We will continue to strengthen our relationships with the Fabian Society, Shadow Cabinet members and LOTO and share our work with influential Labour politicians and policymakers, and connect them with our members’ work.
  • We will seek to contribute to a vision of what Labour Britain looks like for young people and aim to shape policies that inform the next Labour Manifesto.
  • We will reach out to other organisations and parts of the Labour movement. In doing so we will seek to recruit new members, explore new partnerships that can help our members make an impact, and bring Fabianism to a larger audience.

Empower the next generation

  • We will empower the next generation of members to take on prominent roles in the Young Fabians and beyond, and to be the future of Fabianism.
  • We will work to raise funds which will allow YF to keep working, and to be more ambitious in what we can offer our members.
  • We will recruit members and help them with their political education so they can help to make a positive impact on the left and across the Labour movement.

Follow us on Twitter at @youngfabians, on Facebook at, on Instagram @youngfabians, on LinkedIn at The Young Fabians, or email any enquiries to [email protected].

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