What is the difference between Young Fabians and Young Labour?


Young Labour is the formal representation of under-27 members of the Labour Party and partakes in a wide range of activity most noticeable supporting Labours campaign work. The Young Fabians consist of under-31s and we focus on fostering debate, ideas and policy.

Our membership is separate to the Labour party, with members from both from the party and beyond.

What is the difference between Young Fabians and Labour Students?


Labour Students are a socialist society that aggregate a national voice to Labour students clubs in places of further and higher education. The Young Fabians are a national organisation for all progressives under-31. Labour Students run national campaigns and four national events across the year. The Young Fabians are focused on ideas and policy and run an extensive programme year-round. 

Who runs the Young Fabians?


As a membership-led organisation our key drivers are individuals that show initative and get involved and propose ideas for projects. To provide checks and balances and for oversight across our entire programme all work within the Young Fabians is subject to approval from our democratically elected Executive Commitee.

What is the relationship between the Fabian Society and the Young Fabians?


The Young Fabians are the branch of the Fabian Society automatically made up of all members under the age of 30. The Young Fabians are an autonomous group, with its own constitution, general meetings and governance. We are operationally independent to the Fabian Society and are funded by a central grant and additional fundraising activities.

What is the organisation's position on X policy?


The answer is generally none. The Young Fabians are constitutionally barred from holding collective positions unless all applicable members are ballotted. By convention we avoid this in the Fabian tradition of being a broad church.

How do I get involved with the Young Fabians?


This is up to you! We're an open organisation! Members can come along to events and meet fellow members, or can get involved in our networks and programmes each year.

At the moment, the Young Fabians are in special measures following a brief suspension and review of the organisation. Sub-groups and networks are temporarily disbanded. Suggestions for projects during this time are welcome.

A good way is to log into the website and let us know how you want to get involved

How can I write for the Young Fabians?


We encourage every one of our members to contribute for us. Express your interest to write for us here.

If you have an idea for an article you would like to write, please send a maximum 200 word pitch to [email protected]. This should include a summary of your argument and an explanation of why our members would find the article interesting. Similarly, if there is someone you would like to interview, write to the same email explaining your reasons and we will endeavour to help set it up. If you instead of writing for Anticipations wish to contribute images, photographs, or other graphics for our use, you are also invited to send them across.