August 11, 2015
Contact: Martin Edobor

Young Fabians meet the Swedish Prime Minister

The Young Fabian International Network meet with the Stefan Löfven, Swedish Prime Minister.

The Young Fabian International delegation met with Swedish Prime Minister, Stefan Löfven at SSU national congress in Västerås Sweden.

The delgation was led by LJ Davies, YF International Network Chair and Martin Edobor YF Vice-Chair with delegates Unsa Chaudri, Rachel Ward, Rayhan Haque and Ian Kugler.

Stefan Löfven spoke to delegates about his government's 90-day work guarantee for young people and its approach to the environment.  Löfven explained that having a strong economy should not be considered a right wing policy, a strong economy should be embraced by the left, because we need a strong economy for effective public services and a strong welfare system. 

Löfven went on to inspire our delegates to be internationalist as her argued that "Capital is global, Companies are global, the whole economy is global and our problems are global so we have to be global too and be unified under the flag of solidarity and peace!“

He encouraged Young Fabian delegates to be beacons of hope and pioneers, explaining that through building on the bonds the delegates have formed with the SSU they could work together to enact change throughout the world. 

The Young Fabian International Network aims to influence foreign policy at home and abroad, if you wish to find out more information please contact LJ Davies [email protected]


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