Join the Young Fabians for our second Open Day of 2016:

So Britain has voted to leave the European Union. What does this mean for the Young Fabians, for our Party, and most importantly, for our country?

The programme will include:

- An introductory session for new members and those who want to get more involved in the Young Fabians in the coming year

-A campaign skills workshop, and a discussion of the importance of canvassing to a wider campaign.

-Policy discussions with our policy networks, giving you a taste of how they work and how to get more involved

-A look back on what we've achieved this year, and a discussion of the Young Fabian's strategy for the coming year

-A 'policy dragon's den', where you'll have 5 minutes to pitch an idea that should be in Labour's next manifesto.

This is the second Open Day we've run this year, and it's a great opportunity for new and old members to get together, to get a sample of what the Young Fabians have to offer, and to shape the organisation, so don't miss it.

July 02, 2016 at 11:00am - 5pm
Fabian Society HQ
Otto Barrow Adel Bezegouche

Who's RSVPing

Otto Barrow
Adel Bezegouche

Will you come?