We hope you can join the Young Fabians International Network at 7pm on Tuesday 23 November for a discussion on rule of law in Poland. 

Poland is frequently cited as an example of back-sliding on democracy and civil rights within the European Union. The situation has now escalated, as the Polish Government has recently been handed a record €1 million EU fine for failing to comply with an order to suspend its controversial disciplinary mechanism for judges.

To learn more about the situation in Poland, and what it means for other countries, register to join us on Zoom here. You'll hear from and speak with Polish and British activists including: 

  • Kamil Arendt from KOD (Committee for the Defence of Democracy in Poland) UK.
  • Ana Oppenheim from Lewica Razem UK (Polish Left Together party) UK.
  • Aleksandra Iwanowska from Young European Socialists.
  • Cecilia Jastrzembska from the Young Fabians International Network and Fabians International Policy Group.

This event will be chaired by Panny Antoniou, the Young Fabians' Outreach & International Officer.

November 23, 2021 at 7:00pm - 8pm
Panny Antoniou ·