The Young Fabians International Network are continuing their fantastic programme of International Delegations. Last year the Young Fabians went to Brussles, Beijing, Sweden and Israel, however, now we have to give a hand to our friends on the other side of the Atlantic: TO STOP PRESIDENT TRUMP!

 We are excited to announce that we are planning not just one, but TWO trips to America.

The first trip is going to be to NYC, Washington DC and a North Eastern swing state. APPLICATIONS ARE NOW OPEN for this trip. We are looking for 12 delegates to take part, 6 males, and 6 females. Furthermore, we have guaranteed that half the spaces are reserved for non-London applicants.

To apply please fill out this online form:

 Deadline for applications is May 23rd 12pm.

We will try to fundraise as much as possible to reduce costs, however, delegates will be responsible for their own flights and must be in mind that they may be liable for further associated costs.

 Official delegation dates: 6th September – 12th September

 However, if you do not get a place on the delegation trip we are organizing a second campaigning trip. This will be on election week and we will be hitting Florida, a state which has been the decider in the past presidential races. There will be a REGISTRATION PROCESS but no formal application process.

This trip will take place on the week of the Presidential Election itself. Election day is on Tuesday 8th November. Campaigners will be responsible for their own arrangements, however, we will be giving tips and recommendations prior to the trip. We will have a team of YF organisers to help on the ground to provide some logistical support when you arrive in Florida.

 Furthermore, potential applicants should also consider that there is another exciting trip planned to Palestine. In the interests of fairness, those on the America trip will not be able to apply for Palestine so please do consider this before placing an application.

If you have further questions please do contact Victoria Desmond via [email protected] However, she will only answer questions about the logistics of the trip in order to remain impartial to all applicants.

Good luck to all applicants


September 06, 2016 at 6:00pm - September 13, 2016
United States of America
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