Meet the... Outreach Officer & Content Producer

Find out more about the newly co-opted Outreach Officer and our continuing Content Producer for the Young Fabians 2020/21.

Milo Barnett, Outreach Officer

Hi, I am Milo your new Outreach Officer. I’m originally from the North East and after several years in London have recently moved back. I’ve always been very political; I was the cool kid listening to Radio 4 late into the night and my household was always filled with political debate. I joined Labour aged just 15, on the eve of the 2010 election. I remember going to CLP meetings in my school uniform, blazer and all. I was council candidate when I was 18, so first time I voted, I voted for myself. I went off to Warwick and was active in Uni Labour society. It was through this that I was first motivated to join the Fabians as a few my friends had gone off to London before I graduated and got involved with YF. So, since I moved to London I met a lot of interesting people as well went to a range of events from policy-based ones to more social/drinking ones. I am really proud of my year as Health Network Chair, having hosted a range of great events with interesting speakers and our pamphlet is in its final stages of being edited so should be out early in 2021.

As Outreach Officer I want to give all our members exciting opportunities, for example I am planning on reviving our embassy programme. This was a programme in the 90s/00s where YF members would go to embassies for an event or reception. We are hoping post-COVID to revive this and also for our regional groups to have similar events in nations consulates. I will also be working closely with other members on fundraising with looking to expand Friends of the Young Fabians to reviving other old events such as debate between us and our conservative rivals The Bow Group. Any money we raise will go to publishing new pamphlets or sending members off to exciting events. I am also looking to produce some nice merchandise for you to acquire such as posters or mugs based on old pamphlets or notable Fabians. Ready for our 60th Birthday Party 2.0 we will likely be doing auctions and raffles alongside it so you can enjoy a good party as well as helping fill our coffers. 2020 hasn’t been the best year but I am confident 2021 will be great for YF and our members.

Contact me via email [email protected] or Twitter @Milo_Barnett.


Louie Marlow, Content Producer (until Feb 2021)

Hey! My name’s Louie and I am so excited and honoured to be continuing with my role as Content Producer on the Young Fabians Exec alongside a brilliant new committee.

Since becoming Content Producer, I have been focusing on The Young Fabians Podcast, building on the great work of previous podcast producer and outgoing Vice-Chair, Carolina Saludes. I have produced (almost) weekly, original content, facilitating some brilliant discussions with fellow Young Fabians as well as key figures within the Labour movement around the world - from New Zealand to Belarus to our very own Kate Green MP!

Outside of YF, my background and true passion lies within music. I am a musician and recent Composition graduate, a lover of all types of music - mostly post-punk, art pop, jazz and hip hop - and the singer/guitarist in a band. (I love discussing and sharing music so please feel free to tell me what you’re listening to!)

I have had a passion for The Labour Party and left-wing politics for as long as I can remember, however, the devastating 2019 election results left me with a desire to become more involved and more educated around policy with the intention of shaping the future of the Labour Party. I strongly believe that the Young Fabians is the best place to do this. 

When I put myself forward for this role earlier this year, I did not expect to be successful. I had not been a Young Fabian for very long at all and had no formal political education or background. However, I was incredibly fortunate to be welcomed into the YF community where I have met so many wonderful people, been given many great opportunities and learned so much. 

It’s an understatement to say that I felt out of my depth when I began. The last few months have been a very steep, but infinitely valuable learning curve for me. That is why, for the remainder of my term as Content Producer, I will commit myself to affording these experiences and opportunities to as many Young Fabians members as possible. 

My commitments for this role include: 

  • Expanding and diversifying the YF Podcast team
  • Encouraging and facilitating members in producing podcast episodes of their own
  • Continuing to develop the reach of the podcast and posting high quality, weekly content
  • Producing original, educational content for our Youtube and Instagram accounts
  • An emphasis on engaging young people, inside and outside of our membership, in the Young Fabians and left-wing politics

I urge all members who are interested in being involved in The Young Fabians Podcast to please send an email to [email protected]. For anything else, feel free to drop me a message on Twitter @louiemarlow!


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