Friends of the Young Fabians

We're proud to say that the Young Fabians is stronger than ever, as the home of fresh thinking for the future of the left. In 2020-21 our members established groups across Great Britain, ran 150 events, published 140 Blog articles and 22 Podcast episodes, created 8 high-quality publications, and so much more.

We're committed to helping our members develop through the Young Fabians' Academy, supporting them when they run for public office, and putting them at the forefront of the left's international fightback as active members of the Young European Socialists. 

But to keep growing and producing the brilliant work we've seen over the last few years and beyond we need your help.

The Friends of Young Fabians is a group of current and former Young Fabians, and others who support us, who can give a regular gift each month. Our Friends receive:

  • Quarterly updates on our activities
  • Possible invitations to contribute to Young Fabian initiatives (such as the Young Fabians Academy and YF 60th Anniversary History Project) 
  • Digital copies of all our pamphlets, publications and our magazine, Anticipations (FOYF), or physical copies (FOYF+)

Most importantly you be part of our community, playing a crucial role in supporting a new generation of thinkers, activists and political leaders in the labour movement.

The money will be used for the general running of the society and given out in the form of small grants to support young political activists in running sessions, producing policy pamphlets and participating in events in the UK and potentially across the world.



Friend of the Young Fabians Plus (FOYF+) £10 per month Sign up here

Friend of the Young Fabians (FOYF) £5 per month Sign up here


We thank you for your interest in supporting the Young Fabians.

Should you have any questions about our regular giving programme or want to find out more about our activities please get in contact here.