Labour in the Culture Wars

Labour in the Culture Wars. Edited by Daniel Wood and Victoria Parrett.

You can read the full pamphlet here.

In their first pamphlet, the Young Fabians' Arts & Culture Network the interconnections between the Labour Party and culture.

In the first half of the publication, Young Fabian writers debate how the party can best communicate and represent its values in the wider cultural context of Britain in the 2020s. Towards the second half, their attention turns to the policies Labour should champion to help Britain's diverse, vibrant and vital cultural spaces flourish in an effort to bring our country together as we emerge from the pandemic.

Culture is ubiquitous. We see its presence all around us, expressed in myriad different forms. Culture is happening all the time and is constantly evolving. The more you understand culture, the more you understand the world around you. As Young Fabians, we need to influence better discussions of these topics and push culture policy to the front of the left-wing movement’s collective mind. For culture change, whether in the Labour Party or in British society, is the only way to a future Labour government.

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