Is the workplace good to women in 2015? Do men feel like equal parents in 2015? Is maternity leave still an issue? 

Want to discuss issues like these in a safe and productive environment? Join the conversation that politicians are actually listening to when it comes to male and female equality at Make it Happen 2015!


What is the conversation at Make it Happen?

Most people would hope that in 2015 men and women would have the same rights in family life and in the workplace. But in 2015 women still lose their jobs when they become pregnant and men are still not given enough support if they choose to raise children. Sadly, our choices and opportunities are still very much determined by our gender. 

We are running a discussion online forum to get your take on these issues!


What will come out of your participation?

We are talking to the 3 main political parties who have expressed much interest in hearing what you have to say on topics of gender equality in the lead up to the election!

We will also create a digital poster campaign in April based on what you have told us are the most significant gender issues for you. The team here at Make It Happen all work in media, advertising and public relations so we are well placed to make your voice heard!


How do I Make It Happen?!

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January 25, 2015 at 12:00pm - March 26, 2015
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