February 22, 2015
Contact: Joel Mullan

Is the UK China-Ready?

On February 19th, Chinese New Year, the Young Fabians published China-Ready: Equipping Britain for an Asian Future, a collection of essays co-edited by Joel Mullan and Adam Tyndall.

Young Fabians publish new pamphlet on the future of UK-China relations

On February 19th, Chinese New Year, the Young Fabians published China-Ready: Equipping Britain for an Asian Futurea collection of essays co-edited by Joel Mullan and Adam Tyndall.

With one sixth of the global population and the largest economy in the world by purchasing power parity, the rise of China will inevitably have real impacts on Britain. How we respond to it will shape our national prosperity and the opportunities available to each and every one of us.

China-Ready brings together perspectives from seven Young Fabian members on what the UK can do to position itself to maximise the opportunities that will arise from this shift. It argues that our relationship with China must move beyond the transactional one that has been pursued by the current government and looks to identify some win-wins for both countries.

It calls for greater co-ordination in our relationship with China both across government and with our European partners, and looks at the opportunities available to us in education, energy, international development and trade and investment. It also considers what obligations, if any, we have to Hong Kong.

You can read the pamphlet here.

The China Programme is continuing this year under the auspices of the YF International Network.


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