International Network

The Young Fabians International Network is a working group of progressives and democratic socialists within the Fabian Society who are committed to the principle of internationalism. Our focus is to speed up the emergence of a truly international, interconnected socialist movement for a freer, more sustainable, more just life for all.

The International Network promotes an ethical foreign policy with human rights, security and peace at its heart. 

We work to play a key role in influencing international policy debates with regular events on some of the most pressing global issues; from the protests in Hong Kong and the Israel-Palestine conflict to the growing threat of nationalism and populism.  

To find out more about our work and how you can get involved, visit our Facebook page  here.

Steering Committee

Amy Dwyer

Policy Officer

Charlotte Tosti

Brexit Officer/Parliamentary Officer


Tina Bhartwas

Feminist Policy Officer


Owen Michael

LGBT+ Officer


Upcoming Dates

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