Join the Young Fabians International Network as we discuss the future of British foreign policy and whether Britain has what it takes to act as a global broker helping to solve some of the world’s greatest challenges by convening and cajoling other countries around shared commitments. This event is based on the recent Chatham House paper Global Britain, Global Broker: A Blueprint for the UK’s Future International Role.

“The paper lays out six international goals for the UK that offer the best points of connection between its interests, resources and credibility. These are: protecting liberal democracy; promoting international peace and security; tackling climate change; enabling greater global health resilience; championing global tax transparency and equitable economic growth; and defending cyberspace.”

In this event, we discuss whether Britain has the alliances, capabilities, and political will to carve out this new role in international affairs for itself. In short: Does Britain have what it takes?

To answer this question, we are joined by Dr Robin Niblett CMG (Director and Chief Executive of Chatham House and the author of the paper), Michelle Rauschkolb (Vice-President of Young European Socialists), Catherine West MP (Shadow Foreign Minister for Europe and Americas), and Professor Richard G. Whitman (Director of the Global Europe Centre and Professor of Politics and International Relations at University of Kent).

The event will take place on Tue 23 February at 7pm via Zoom. Please register here.

February 23, 2021 at 7:00pm - 8:30pm
Alex Hogg ·