The 2021 elections were a huge test of the new political landscape in post-Brexit, pandemic-era Britain - spanning a huge set of parties and personalities across the Scottish Parliament, Welsh Parliament, and mayoralties and local elections across England.

If you need some post-match analysis, but are tired of the hot-takes, then we hope you can join us for a conversation with one of Britain's leading political scientists and pollsters - Prof Sir John Curtice. At this event, we'll dig behind the headlines to analyse the election results, discuss the UK's new political faultlines, and explore the big choices Labour faces now.

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The 2021 elections provided another bitterly disappointing set of results for Labour, who sustained heavy losses in much of their former English heartlands while not yet breaking through in Scotland. But there were bright spots on a dark night for the party, with Labour retaining 'Red Wall' voters and making gains in Wales and Greater Manchester. These may yet provide important lessons about how Labour can rebuild across the UK. We hope this event will give insights into what lessons and decisions Labour can take: and what we can expect from British politics in the 2020s.



May 24, 2021 at 6:15pm - 7:30pm
Mark Whittaker ·