The Young Fabians will be setting up a new Young East Midlands Fabians regional group to hold events, coordinate writing on regional politics and policy, and build the Young Fabians' presence in the East Midlands (as defined here).

If you're a Young Fabian member based in the East Midlands, then we'd love it if you get involved! At this meeting you'll have the opportunity to:
☑️ Meet other Young Fabians in the East Midlands.
☑️ Stand and vote in elections for the role of Chair, Secretary, and possibly other officer positions.
☑️ Share your ideas on the group's plans, and find out how to get involved.

To join, please register for the Zoom call here.

We hope to see you soon! 🌹

How to stand for election:
➡️ Please note that if a man is elected as sole Chair of the East Midlands Young Fabians then the Secretary must be a woman: unless no women self-nominate for the role, in which case a man may be elected. This is in the interests of greater representation of women in the Young Fabians.
➡️ If you'd like to stand for Chair or Secretary, you can do so by self-nominating at the Meeting and making an optional speech of up to 2 mins. If you can't attend the Meeting, then please submit a written statement of less than 350 words to YF's National Coordinator at [email protected]. He will then read your statement on your behalf during the meeting, and oversee the election process.
➡️ Once the positions have been elected, the Chair and Secretary may choose to define additional officer roles and open them for election. They can be flexible with this, so feel free to suggest a role that you think would be helpful for the group.
➡️ Please note that you must be a member of the Young Fabians living at an address in the East Midlands (for at least part of 2020) to stand for any officer position or to vote in elections for officer positions. If you're under 31, you can join the Young Fabians by joining the Fabian Society here:

July 05, 2021 at 6:30pm - 8pm
Owen Michael ·