If you'd like to improve your public speaking skills, the Young Fabians have just the event for you! Join the Young Fabians Academy for a free masterclass in public speaking on Monday 22nd March at 7:30pm.

You can register for this event here.

The value of effective communication cannot be overstated, with benefits spanning across faster career progression, better networking, boosted self confidence, improved emotional articulation, persuasive speaking, and particularly being seen as a competent leader in any situation. If you are thinking of elected office, wish you could speak up more at work meetings, wish you could be more assertive or simply want to develop your leadership skills, come along to this session.
*You will have two options*:
1) Come being prepared to speak, likely for around 2 minutes. This can be impromptu, aka taking a random table topic from the floor, or a prepared speech. Please message Cecilia beforehand so that hosts can gauge numbers and timing.
2) Simply observe, and give feedback when asked in the Zoom chat. No pressure to speak!
🎤 Cecilia Jastrzembska, Senior Policy Advisor Team Lead G7/G6 DEFRA, 50:50 Parliament Ambassador, Political Journalist.
Cecilia recently won the Benazir Bhutto Performance Award for her keynote address to the International Human Rights Commission World Summit 2021 and was listed as one of the official speakers for International Women's Day. She founded her own public speaking network, We Speak International over a year ago after years of Model United Nations, debating (including the chair of think tank the Bow Group) and public speaking practise with Toastmasters International. She has coached participants three times a week since then, and now teaches twice a week.

🎤 Chris Kalessin: Chris is a long-form public speaker, leadership coach, and Head of Advancement Operations at the Natural History Museum. He is a data consultant, academic and writer with a focus on critical thinking and neurodiversity. He is famously generous with his time, effort and carefully tailored feedback for each participant, and joined Cecilia at the genesis of We Speak, quickly becoming a co-host of the sessions.

March 22, 2021 at 7:30pm - 8:45pm
Tobi Dada ·