London Young Fabians

If you're a Young Fabians member living in Greater London we hope you'll get involved in the Young London Fabians! We are very active and have frequent events and socials.

Please contact us at: [email protected] if you have any ideas on events, policy proposals or articles you'd like to write. Please reach out if you'd like to join our WhatsApp Group for updates!


Your 2023/24 team is:

Co-Chairs: James Maxwell and Finley Harnett

Vice-Chair, Arthur O’Connor 

Secretary: Maham Saleem 

Communication Officers: Sarina Kiayani and Lucy Healy

Women’s Officer: Ilinca Obadu

Social and Universities officers: Lewis Warner and Aristedis Grivokostopoulos

Parliamentary Engagement Officer: Connor Escudero 

BAME Officers: Kingma Ma and Hamda Ali 

Disabilities Officer: Louis Hughes

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