Young Fabians Fifteen for 2015: Foreword

Today the Young Fabians launch their new digital pamphlet, 'Fifteen for 2015', profiling fifteen Labour Prospective Parliamentary Candidates (PPCs) standing for election across the country.

Each day, Anticipations will publish one of the profiles online. First of all, though, find below the pamphlet foreword written by Iain McNicol, General Secretary of the Labour Party.  

Labour only wins when we organise, when we fight.

We will never have the money and the air war of the Tories but we have a proud tradition of building an organisation on the ground that can beat them door by door, voter by voter.

I’m incredibly proud of the talented cohort of candidates we have fighting this year’s election. In every battleground seat: a wonderful battalion of men and women, from every background and from every part of our country.

The next generation of Labour. Backed by organisers on the ground. Backed by the real people’s army: Labour’s members and supporters. Tens of thousands across the battleground seats.

I know that with this group we have the best chance of winning, and a great set of new MPs to support Ed Miliband in government.

The job now is reaching out, on every doorstep: conducting the conversations, listening to the concerns; building the
party’s strength; energising supporters; getting out the leaflets, and when the day comes, getting out the vote. This group of candidates know that Labour wins when it organises and that’s what they’ll be doing through to polling day.​

You can read 'Fifteen for 2015' here

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