Young Fabians AGM 2018

The Young Fabians held their AGM on 24th November in Fabian HQ, Petty France. The new executive was ratified, motions were debated and new networks were approved.

The Young Fabians held their AGM on 24th November in Fabian HQ, Petty France.

A Facebook live video was set up so that those who could not make it to London were able to participate throughout the event. Feedback for this was good, but the executive committee is in discussions as to how we can better use technology to improve access and participation around the UK.

The first item of the day was the delivery of the annual report by outgoing Chair, Ria Bernard. Ria produced a report of her activities. A copy of the report will be coming to your doorsteps soon. The outgoing executive and the members thanked Ria for her work throughout the year.

This was followed by ratification of the new executive. After discussion, a secret ballot was held and the new executive committee was confirmed. You can see a full list of the new exec here.

Following a short break, the Young Fabians regrouped to debate motions and new networks. Hunter Christopher proposed a motion to set up Liberation commissions. There were 10 people who voted in favour, 16 against and 10 abstentions. The motion therefore did not pass.

The next motion was on creating a new constitutional officer to the executive who would have a portfolio of co-ordinating regional activity. This was proposed by incoming chair, Charlotte Norton. This motion passed unanimously, save one abstention from a member who entered the room as voting was taking place. Whilst the role will only have constitutional effect from next year, Miriam Mirwitch has taken the portfolio for this executive. The exec are currently advertising for a co-opted officer from outside London to work with Miriam.

The final item of official business was to confirm the networks. Two networks had submitted the required number of signatures late. It was decided unanimously that this should not be an obstacle to the networks continuing and it was unanimously voted to approve the continuance of all existing networks.

Two new networks were proposed – Environment and Arts and Culture. The AGM voted unanimously to accept both networks.

The day closed with a Q and A session with the new executive before the meeting was ended and members had comradely drinks and discussions at a nearby pub.

Charlotte Norton has taken the decisions of the Young Fabian AGM to the Fabian executive, where they were agreed and the constitutional change (new officer on the executive) has been approved.

The next formal element of Young Fabian business will be the Network AGMs. These will take place throughout January and February. All AGMs will be advertised by email two weeks before, on the Young Fabian webpage, and by Facebook event.

If you have any questions about the Young Fabian AGM or the upcoming Network AGMs, please contact Charlotte Norton at [email protected]


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