You Do You Boo

In the fifth piece for the BHM blog takeover, Sasha Langeveldt ruminates over the future and following ones heart,

There is only one YOU, so make you the best possible you there is and can be. Invest in yourself, time is never wasted when you are developing new skills. Learn a new language, make yourself unique, believe in yourself and believe in your grind because when you invest in yourself, you will be desired by all and opportunities will be thrown at you.

Quick cash is limited, sure you have it now but it will always run out fast, but your grind is forever, you cannot build a house without a foundation and if you risk it all for a chocolate biscuit you’ll be left with the


If you work hard and believe in your own grind you’ll get the whole jar

Make something out of yourself because no matter what nobody can take that away from you. If you’re thinking about creating something or starting something new DO IT.

I’m telling you it’ll be worth it; it might not seem that way at the start but every little thing you do will come together creating your own master piece… now focus of the words I use because when I say


own master piece

I mean it, because would it be called a master piece if everyone could go to Tesco and have it?

NO, of course not

Believe in you, because there isn’t anybody but yourself holding you back. Of course people will hate but while they do, they’re wasting their time and their energy while you are grinding making something out of yourself, even if it’s small now it is still something!

never stop believing.

For me I’ve accepted that I cannot work in an office and that’s not me being a stubborn millennial or lazy I am being realistic. I want to enjoy the


life that I have and it will not be spent in an office the whole day, so I’m going to find another way but best believe that I will reach my own destination.

I don’t want to be doing the same thing for years

I want to do everything I can so that my children can be like “WOW” you really did all of that, because by me telling them about my experiences and my struggles they will be motivated to do even greater things.

Greatness doesn’t just come from nowhere it comes from the people you look up to the people who believed in themselves, as well as your own independence.

For me I am focusing on my video editing and writing, I know there will be some days when people won’t find me funny or interesting, but that’s okay because I’m doing it for me. Even if I have one reader today or one viewer tomorrow best know that I have spent hours making sure that video and that blog post is perfect, because maybe not now but later more people will come.

It will not rain forever…
unless you live in England and in that case you put on those wellies, you put on that raincoat and KEEP ON GRINDINg.

You have everything you need within yourself

JUST BELIEVE and make things happen.

Sasha Langeveldt was the first black women to be Student's union president. She is an activist and humanitarian.

She tweets at @SashaLangeveldt.

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