Towards a 21st Century Curriculum

Towards a 21st Century Curriculum. Edited by Amy Dwyer, James Flynn, Emma Stevenson and Tom Hunter. Foreword by Kate Green MP, Shadow Secretary of State for Education.

The Young Fabians' Education Network and University of Manchester Young Fabians are proud to present Towards a 21st Century Curriculum

In this pamphlet, 16 Young Fabians come together to argue that our curriculum is outdated and needs reform, drawing on their experiences as recent school leavers, students, teachers and councillors. While they discuss diverse topics, they all make a powerful case for change to ensure that schooling truly reflects modern society, and supports young people in every aspect of their development. 

You can read this full pamphlet here.

We'd like to thank the University of Manchester Student Action Fund for their support to this pamphlet.

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