The Young Fabians keep calm and carry on... online (CoVid-19 announcement)

Dear Friends,

As you will have seen in the news, the situation regarding the Coronavirus (CoVid-19) has developed in the UK and around the world over the past two months. We should aim to carry on our work but will take precautionary measures to protect ourselves and those around us as much as possible. 

With this in mind, we have decided to move our events online where possible. We will include a video conference option over Zoom and/or broadcast on a social media channel, as we have for most since last November, so this won’t be a huge leap from what we have done before.  Where a scheduled event cannot feasibly be run online we have decided to postpone it until advice changes. We have advised the Young Fabian Networks and Advocacy Group to do the same starting from this weekend.

We will be postponing our Open Day in Brighton (originally scheduled for the end of the month), and the 60th Anniversary in May, until advice changes. 

For details on how to Zoom in or access our events, please head to the Events Page on our website - and if you would like to hold an online event over Zoom then please email us here. We will carry on with the Spring edition of our Anticipations magazine, and with our Network Pamphlets and Blog. We would be delighted for you to keep up your fantastic contributions to the YF Blog, by getting in touch with our Blog Editor Amber, here. If you would like to get involved in any of our Pamphlets or have a piece you’d like to start then get in touch here.

Please go to our website and see our social media channels for updates on our events and programme of work. We will keep the Young Fabians vibrant, inclusive, engaging, and safe for all.

We would like to thank the health, public service and charity workers who are on the frontline helping those in need. Please check your local food bank (eg the Trussell Trust) to see what help they need and donate if you can. 

As ever, if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to email us

Yours in solidarity,

The Young Fabians Executive Committee


If you have been in contact with someone with Coronavirus or have contracted it yourself, and have attended a Young Fabian event, please let us know. We will advise the other attendees so they can self-isolate. 

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