The Real Scoop on Fake News

For those of you who missed the International and Comms Network event on fake news, you can listen to our podcast of the event.

It's not every day you get to link giant moon bats to the US presidency... or the Guardian's Zoe Williams with Fake News, for that matter. But at the YF Communications and International Networks' 'The Real Scoop on Fake News', we managed just that. 

And, in case anyone didn't manage to make the standing room-only event, we've put together a podcast of some of the highlights: from Zoe on the future of fake news and its dispersion across the left and the right, to the history of fake news and its role in the US and French elections. 
Have a listen of the podcast here
Tristan Grove is Chair of the YF Communications Network
Katya Creed is Chair of the YF International Network
Rob Newbury is Vice-Chair of the YF International Network
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