Technology, Defence, and Cybersecurity Network

The Technology, Defence, and Cybersecurity Network provides a forum for those advocating for a progressive approach to policy in a digital age - whether it be AI, digital inclusion, Big Tech, UK national security, net zero transition, space exploration, quantum computing, cybersecurity, international trade and everything intersecting those policy areas.

The network's work involves hosting webinars, panel events, workshops & conferences on tech policy issues, supporting members who'd like to write about or research these areas, and providing thought leadership on how Labour policy should tackle new challenges to innovation, technological infrastructure, and national security.

We published our first policy pamphlet in 2020, Modern Britain: Global Leader in Ethical AI. This publication was a major success, drawing attention
from policymakers and featuring at the Labour Conference 2020.
Amongst our other ventures, in 2023, we continued to capitalise on the energy around AI policy by hosting a conference on AI governance in the UK ahead of the Prime Minister's global summit on AI safety. Rather than discuss hypothetical existential risks with Elon Musk, our conference convened senior policymakers, industry representatives, researchers and journalists to share their thoughts on how the UK should regulate for the more immediate risks posed by AI integration into society.

In 2024, we plan to continue our work as advocates for progressive digital and defence policy in the UK - with plans underway for more policy events and conferences, skills workshops for members, socials, and a regular newsletter with global tech policy updates and opportunities.

If you'd like to get involved, reach out to us on Instagram and Twitter (X?) where we share our latest news and upcoming events.

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Steering Committee

Marcus Storm

Marcus is a former chair of TDaC and currently leads the older Fabians' Defence & Security policy group. He tweets at @marcus1storm.

Maham Saleem

Maham leads TDaC and is excited about the network's role in furthering a progressive and human-centered approach to technology policy. She spends some of her time studying policy at the LSE and the rest of her time hoping her constant references to the EU AI Act are not off-putting. If you'd like to get more involved with the network, feel free to reach out to her on Twitter (X?) or say hi if you see her at a Fabians event!

Helen Clarke

Helen is TDaC's policy officer and former chair if the North West group. A leading woman in tech, Helen holds a Master's Degree in Computer Science and AI, and leads communications for a cybersecurity regulatory body.

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