Socialism and Capitalism

As part of the Young Fabian ideas series exploring the ideas that underpin One Nationism, the project on socialism and capitalism will explore fundamental questions relating to the political economy of the left and the fair distribution of goods and opportunities within the economy.
At the heart of this project will be the question of the left’s vision for social and economic transformation in an era when public confidence in the capacity of politicians and political movements to achieve far reaching change appears to be at a low ebb.
We want to hear from Young Fabian members about the key issues you think we should be discussing. Should our focus be on the revival of nationalisation as a political model for public utilities like the railways, or should the left be focussed on a ‘consumer politics’ to achieve our goal of a fairer, more equal society? Does ‘pre-distribution’ offer salvation for the left in an era of austerity, or should our focus be on protecting and enhancing the safety net provided by the welfare state?
We want your views! Members of the project will be given the opportunity to present their ideas on these questions and many more. We will aim to give participants the support and opportunity to lead the exploration of the issues which they feel are important, with the opportunity to write for the commission and to participate in discussions with other members.
If you are interested in becoming involved, please register your interest here. Please also check out our Facebook group.

Chair: Callum Totten
Vice-chair: John Macartney