Pitching for Antics Spring 2017

I am currently preparing the next edition of Anticipations on the theme "It's the New Economy, Stupid?"

Thank you to everyone who has already submitted pitches on the New Economy. I will contact people individually to explore your articles.

If you have not yet pitched but would like to, please can you send your ideas to [email protected] by 17th February 2017. I am looking for articles to put in the magazine and on the blog.

 The theme is the New Economy, but I just want to remind people that you can pitch on any topic you’re interested in. If you want to take part in the New Economy debate, but don’t know where to start, send across an email, or you can find me on Facebook/Twitter and we can discuss more.

 As a reminder, I particularly encourage submissions from women and BAME writers. I will be holding two Google Hangout sessions to discuss how to pitch in general, and also discuss ideas surrounding the New economy more specifically. The dates are as follows:

Pitching for Antics (Women’s event): 7pm, Tuesday 21st February

Pitching for Antics (BAME event, in collaboration with the BAME Network): TBA

 Please RSVP to the event on the website, and send you email address for the hangout to [email protected]. I particularly encourage regional members to attend, as I sadly have fewer opportunities to get to know you. Throughout this year, I will hold more sessions in person, but will ensure there is always a Google Hangout/ phone in option.

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