MEP Elections 2019. Publication One: Introduction and Factfiles

The first publication in our EU Election Observation project is complete and can be found here

This publication sets the scene for our election project, and provides factfiles on EU Member States, covering national government, important issues, MEP predictions and interesting observations.


This year, the Young Fabians are observing the EU elections, and reporting on our findings. There will be three publications throughout the year.

Publication One: Introduction and factfiles - setting the scene and providing information on EU Member States

Publication Two: Campaigns and Issues - looking at campaigns on the ground and providing a more in depth look at the issues being discussed in the elections

Publication Three: Findings - a comprehensive look at the results, what went well, what went badly, and what lessons social democrats can learn.


Core Team : Imogen Tyreman, Hunter Christopher, Laura Griffiths, Serhan Wade, Laura Schettini, Charlotte Norton

Contributors: Nik Koch, Joe Corry Roake, Grace King, Noah Froud, Ollie Lund, Ian Odiwe, Fionn Mcgorry, Nico Camponi, Jannike Wachowiak, Harry Spencer, Sam Nutt, Joe Harty, Aisha Malik Smith, Kieran O’Halloran, Joe Farnworth-Myers, Anjali Muhki, Oliver White, Alex Holmes


For more information on the project, contact Charlotte Norton at [email protected]

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