How Your Smile Can Change the World

Muhammad Daniyal discusses the importance of self-worth and caring for others.

The world has many types of people. Some people are energetic and positive, and make others feel merry throughout their lives by simple acts, and there are people who relentlessly work for their goals, are only focused on their future and goals, and often don’t care as much about others. Some people, even though they are not courteous, they help others in times of needs. Some are challengers, who frequently challenge others, to be proven right or for ambition. Some people think negatively, and that’s how they think. Most importantly, some people consider themselves as complete and supreme from the inside, and always devalue others, especially their families, friends, colleagues, fellow pupils, etc to be claimed right and otherwise, just for fun.

There are many other descriptions for the classifications of people around the world, not just only the above-mentioned.

As human beings, we encounter many troubles and hardships at some points, or in fact, many points in our lives. Some may encounter them since birth, while some would encounter troubles and hardships near death.

In these hardships and sorts of troubles, there are some people, as mentioned above, who consider themselves as complete and supreme from the inside, and devalue us in hardships and in times of need, however, once these times ended, and times of jolliness and prosperity are introduced or are reintroduced in our lives, those people who used to devalue attempt to become closer to us due to our affluence and happiness being brought back in our lives.

In those times of needs and hardships, you will discover in this blog on how to never let yourself down, no matter what some people claim about you.

In times of hardships and adversity, we let ourselves go by listening to “critics” against us, and are metaphorically, dying from the inside. Naturally, we would consider the people who degrade you or make fun of you in your troubles and hardships, however, it is vital to also think about your value.

Think about how much you are worth. Think about your patience. Never forget good times will be brought back in your lives.

We must also never forget about the people who appreciate and respect us and no matter what you are going through, they stand up with you and help you in any way to get through your hardships and troubles. We often forget about those people in our good times, after we have recovered from hardships, but as long as you always remember and respect these people, you are going to be alright! 😊

You may not know what others are going through, for example, at work, in school, in college or university, in the shopping centre, in the supermarkets or just in the street. But they may be going through troubles and hardships, and who knows, even something as small as a smile may help them gain a bit of positivity. A little act can cause amazing positivity in someone else.

Your smile is much more important than the critics who  devalue you in front of others or alone.

Muhammad Daniyal is a Year 9 student, and is interested in law and politics, which are his favourite subjects outside the school curriculum. 

He tweets at @AskMDaniyal. 

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