F r e e - d - o -m?

In the second article for the BHM blog takeover, Sasha Langeveldt discusses the concept of freedom.

What makes a person free is not only through the rules they are governed by, but whether or not they have the accessibility to the necessities of survival.  The consideration of their freedom shall come forth from this acknowledgment, with this in mind if one is restricted or neglected through the necessities of oxygen, water, food, shelter, education and medical care one is not free.

Freedom comes from within the mind and the physical being, in essence one’s physicality and mentality will determine their freedom, as though it is easy for one to say they are free yet still face the basic survival limitations life has to offer to the impoverished.

One cannot be free if they are stagnate and restrained due to starvation, dehydration, the lack of education, ill from the the lack of shelter and finally if one is then denied medical care, one is enslaved not only but their government but by the world.

If one is neglected of the right to survival one will never be free. They will forever be trapped within the system of ‘Wealth vs The Impoverished.’ To this fragment one will never be able to think and live freely, without the aid from those capable of providing it.  A person cannot live in a world where freedom is to solely speak and act as they wish, if the foundations of this manner are restricted. The latter of freedom goes far beyond the horizons of political thought, as to restrict a person from necessities of life is to imprison their ability to live freely.

Sasha Langeveldt was the first black women to be Student's union president. She is an activist and humanitarian.

She tweets at @SashaLangeveldt.

Read more pieces from Sasha on her blog: https://clutterofthoughtsblog.wordpress.com/.

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