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We are faced with unprecedented environmental challenges, from global climate change to air pollution on our streets. The environmental policy network explores and develops bold solutions to these challenges that work for the many, not the few. We are open to all so join us for member-led events, socials, discussions and publications.

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Steering Committee

Patrick Cook

Chair, Environment Network

Patrick is Chair of the Environment Network this year, he works in the renewable energy industry and believes that only the Labour Party has a credible and ambitious plan for the environment. He is also Secretary of the Economy & Finance Network and an Inflation Reduction Act and reforestation enthusiast.

Whilst his sense of humour has been described as 'quantity over quality', his colleagues on the committee kindly forgive him on account of their shared passion for the environment and sustainability.

Paul Spence

Secretary, Environment Network

Paul is the Secretary of the YF Environment Network. He currently works in the public sector having finished his degree in Political Economy.

A longtime member of environmental movements both in the UK and abroad and formerly Chair of KCL Labour, he's passionate about youth involvement in politics, especially debates around climate change.


Emily Taylor

Women's Officer, Environment Network

British-American and based in London, Emily is a firm believer that gender equity is critical to climate action. She works across systems to elevate women’s voices in net zero initiatives.

In her roles as Chief Sustainability Officer, Labour: Women in Tech, Vice Chair, Women+ in Climate Tech, Women’s Officer for the Fabian Society Environment Network and City Lead for Women and Climate, she campaigns for carbon-neutral regulation and pushes for industry innovations that see that effort through.

In her spare time, Emily volunteers as a mentor a number of charities and gets involved with local politics. She loves a glass of Syrah and creative writing in all its forms, best enjoyed together.

Clark Beken

Communications Officer, Environment Network

Clark is Communications Officer of the Environment Network. Clark is a student.

He is the editor of the Young Fabians Blog, as a co-opted, non-voting member of the national committee. He was chair of the Environment Network in 2022.

Conor Savage

Ocean Policy Officer, Environment Network

Conor is Ocean Policy Officer of the Environment Network. Currently a Climate Reporting Manager based in Edinburgh with NatWest Group; he provides advice and technical expertise on climate, nature, and other sustainability-related policy. He joined the Group in 2019, as a Change & Business Solutions Graduate based in Dublin with Ulster Bank.

Before this he studied Marine Biology at Bangor University, completing both a BSc and MSc. Whilst there, he specialised in the effects of Arctic sea ice retreat on sea ice-reliant/associated species, in particular Walruses!

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