Environmental Policy and the Future of Labour

The Young Fabians are launching an exciting new project, which seeks to explore the opportunities for green policy’s integration into Labour’s platform and outline some key strategies for what a green Labour agenda would look like in the short term and the long term. The project will culminate in the launch of a policy pamphlet, outlining how Labour might harness a more impactful and integrated environmental agenda in the future.

 The project team will be led by Isaac Turner (Chair, North West), Claire Smith (Vice Chair, Greater London) and Imogen Resnick (Sponsorship and Finance Officer, Greater London). The research team includes Lily Blake (South West), Oliver Wheeler (Greater London), Stella McAteer (Greater London) and Robin Watts (Northern Ireland). We are proud that the project team is gender balanced and represents of a variety of regions from across the U.K.

 The research phase of the project will launch in late Summer, with a range panel discussions and member-only events planned. We encourage members to get involved with this cutting edge, collaborative innovation for the Young Fabians.

 If you would like to be kept updated about the events, opportunities or outcomes of the project, then you can join one of the project’s personalised mailing lists by clicking here

You can also follow the #YFEnvPolicyhashtag or the Chair for instant updates.


Isaac Turner is a Young Fabians member and the Project Chair


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