Education Network

The Education Network provides a community for young professionals working in the education sector and a space to discuss education public policy.

What do we do about a curriculum that fails to prepare students for living and working in society? What needs to happen to increase the number of apprenticeships? How can we close the attainment gap? And how do we pay for it all?

The Young Fabians Education Network brings together teachers, students and young professionals working in education to discuss the big challenges facing British education. It aims to become a go-to place for those on the left who are interested in contributing to the debate.


Executive Committee 2020/21:

Chair - Amy Dwyer

Secretary - Will Sellers

Vice-Chair - Brandon Fitz-Gerald

Women's Officer - Emma Stevenson

Policy Officers:

- Tom Hunter

- Emma Stevenson

- Robert Lennox

- James Flynn

- Alex Astley

- Thomas Mohan


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- Twitter:   @FabianEducation

- Or you can contact us on our email here: [email protected] 


Thanks, and we hope to hear from you soon! 

The Education Network Steering Committee

Steering Committee

Amy Dwyer




Emma Stevenson

Policy Officer Women's Officer



Tom Hunter

Policy Officer

James Flynn

Policy Officer



Robert Lennox

Policy Officer

Thomas Mohan

Policy Officer

Alex Astley

Policy Officer

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