Economy & Finance Network

The Economy & Finance Network is made up of Young Fabians who have a personal, professional or academic interest in economics, industry and finance.

Steering Committee

Dominic Shaw

Vice Chair and Finance Lead, Economy & Finance Network

Dom is a Cabinet Office economist and has previously worked at the Bank of England. He is currently VC of YF Economy & Finance Network. His main areas of interest are financial economics and behavioural economics. Outside of work, he enjoys football, travelling across the UK, and socialising.

Amarvir Singh-Bal

Chair, Economy & Finance Network

During the day, Amarvir works as a City Economist within the Big Four.

Politically, key achievements of his include: spearheading the use of data analytics to increase voter registration within his constituency of Bermondsey and Old Southwark as well as subsidising local transport for young people across Staffordshire.

As the Chair of the Economy & Finance Network he has: 

  • Founded the monthly macro updates
  • Created the networks first ever mass social media campaign to showcase our high quality work
  • Authored 16 articles
  • Was invited to 3 podcasts
  • Kickstarted learning and development of hard technical skills in the YF
  • Hosted 4 events
  • Made Labour Party history by having the first event on economics with three BAME female MPs
  • Currently he is spearheading a policy pamphlet piece, titled “An Economic Lens to Reclaiming the Heartlands”

Matthew Oulton

Secretary and Macroeconomist, Economy & Finance Network


From Merseyside, Matthew is an Economics Student at the University of Warwick. He writes frequently on economic issues and is on the Executive Committee for the Economy and Finance Network. In his spare time, he worries about the Red Wall and daydreams about a Labour Government.

Chris Wongsosaputro

Chair, Economy & Finance Network

Chris is currently serving in the role of Chair in the Young Fabians Economy & Finance Network.

He is working as Senior in Transaction Due Diligence at EY London, having joined the firm in 2014 as a Graduate trainee. He is a Chartered Accountant who qualified with the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Scotland in 2017.

Prior to working, he studied Economics and Statistics in UCL and graduated in 2014.

Outside of work, Chris has been helping the Singapore UK Association as Membership Co-ordinator since January 2016. He has also served as Treasurer for Association of South-east Asian Studies in the UK from Sep 2016 to Dec 2018.

Within the Young Fabian's Chris has: 

  • Led the monthly macro updates publications
  • Wrote an article on the different metrics that nations use instead of or in addition to GDP growth as part of the Redefining Progress publications
  • Currently writing an article on ‘Getting to Net Zero Housing Stock and helping Young People to reduce carbon emission’ (part of YF Housing Pamphlet)
  • Led Young Fabians submission on Labour, Covid-19 and The Economy as part of Labour’s National Policy Forum Consultation 2020
  • Hosted 2 events on Covid-19, namely Taking Stock of Stockpiling and Unlocking the Lockdown
  • Spoke at the Scottish YF event Red, Aye: Can Scotland Afford Independence? and the related podcast

Nick Trickett

Energy and International Economist, Economy & Finance Network

Nicholas Birman-Trickett is a political risk analyst with a specialism in Russian and Eurasian political economy, the political economy of energy, and energy consulting. He holds an M.A. in Russian and Eurasian studies from the European University in St. Petersburg and an MSc in international political economy from the London School of Economics. Nick also has experience in the D.C. policy world, interning for the Senate Committee on Small Business as well as the Hudson Institute and CSIS, used to work with the Foreign Policy Research Institute, as well as stints with AKE Ltd. and Wood Mackenzie. He used to run BMB Russia, a daily newsletter covering political and business news from Russia, and now, aside from freelance consulting work, writes a daily newsletter called OGs and OFZs doing the same, but focusing on the impact of COVID and the energy transition on Russia and the region's political economy. His work can be seen elsewhere at outlets such as OilPrice, The Diplomat, Global Risk Insights, Riddle, and Aspenia.

Robyn Arthey

Emerging Markets Specialist, Economy & Finance Network

Robyn currently works in financial services, and holds a BA in PPE from the University of Manchester and an MSc in International Politics from SOAS. Her main interests are in feminist economics and international political economy with focus on Asia and Africa.

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