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The Economy & Finance Network is made up of Young Fabians who have a personal, professional or academic interest in economics, business, and finance.

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Steering Committee

Dominic Shaw

Chair, Economy & Finance Network


Dom is a government economist and has previously worked at the Bank of England. He is currently Chair of YF Economy & Finance Network, and Secretary of YF London Regional Group. His main areas of interest are financial economics and behavioural economics. Outside of work, he enjoys football, travelling across the UK, and socialising.

Amarvir Singh-Bal

Senior Economist, Economy & Finance Network


Amarvir works as a City Economist within the Big Four.

Politically, key achievements of his include: spearheading the use of data analytics to increase voter registration within Bermondsey and Old Southwark, as well as subsidising local transport for young people across Staffordshire.

A former Chair of the Economy & Finance Network, he: 

  • Founded the monthly macro updates
  • Authored 16 articles
  • Made Labour Party history by having the first event on economics with three BAME female MPs
  • Spearheading a policy pamphlet piece, titled “An Economic Lens to Reclaiming the Heartlands”

Matthew Oulton

Vice Chair, Economy & Finance Network


Matt is the Vice-Chair of the Economy and Finance Network and a final-year Economics student, hoping to work in political or economic advice. He’s from Merseyside, Labour’s true heartland, and writes frequently on a range of economic and political issues.

His interests in Economics focus on microeconomic theory and Public Policy, and his politics are characterised by a near-pathological obsession with returning Labour to government.

Lauma Kalns-Timans

Secretary, Economy & Finance Network


Lauma is passionate about investigating economic and financial policy to improve society for all. She graduated with a degree in Maths, and a Masters in Econometrics and Mathematical Economics. She has worked in the financial industry investigating the economic and financial aspects of long-term trends such as inequality, climate change and disruptive technologies, recently focusing on business strategy.

Chandni Rajput

Communications Officer, Economy & Finance Network


Chandni works in the financial services as an Associate Investment Consultant. She advises UK DB pension schemes and charities with AUMs ranging from £50m to £4bn. She also conducts investment research within equity and real assets.


She is a strong feminist and would like to see a world where women are completely free of oppression and all people are treated equally. In her spare time she loves spending time with her family and friends, playing piano and coding.

Leo Nasskau

Parliamentary Officer, Economy & Finance Network


Leo is Parliamentary Officer of the Economy and Finance Network, working to connect Young Fabians with Labour and Co-op MPs to engage more closely with the political process and discuss the critical problems in our economic and financial systems. He has a particular interest in labour market economics and the future of work.

Leo runs the blogcast Empowered Belonging, which explores how leaders can build societies fit for the 21st century. In it, he speaks to political figures, like Jess Philips MP and Andrew Adonis, and Left academics, like Faiza Shaheen.

Leo works in leadership advisory, helping businesses find their next senior leaders and develop those they already have, whilst he is also the Co-founder and Chair of UniReach, a national charity working to improve access to higher education.

Tobi Dada

Policy Officer, Economy & Finance Network

Ellie Bruce

Women's Officer, Economy & Finance Network

Dhruv Kadam

Minorities Officer, Economy & Finance Network

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