Economy & Finance Network

The Economy & Finance Network is made up of Young Fabians who have a personal, professional or academic interest in economics, business, and finance.

Email us at [email protected] if you have ideas about events, articles or policy proposals. Please also reach out if you'd like to join our WhatsApp Group for updates!

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Steering Committee

Lauma Kalns-Timans

Vice-Chair, Economy & Finance Network


Lauma is passionate about investigating economic and financial policy to improve society for all. She graduated with a degree in Maths, and a Masters in Econometrics and Mathematical Economics. She has worked in the financial industry investigating the economic and financial aspects of long-term trends such as inequality, climate change and disruptive technologies, recently focusing on business strategy.

Patrick Cook

Secretary, Economy & Finance Network


Patrick is Secretary of the Economics and Finance network and currently a Finance student who believes that only the Labour party has a credible and ambitious plan for our economy. He is also Chair of the Environment network and an Inflation Reduction Act enthusiast. He can recite the alphabet backwards under pressure, and is looking forward to the day that that becomes a useful skill.

Paul Spence

Universities Officer, Economy & Finance Network


Paul is the Universities Officer for the network and King’s College London Political Economic graduate. A Brussels-born, Franco-British committed Labourite, he was drawn to Labour because of its egalitarian ethos and dedication to tackling climate change. He’s passionate about getting young people active in the policymaking process, and hopes the network can help achieve this goal.

Maike Erb

Womens' Officer, Economy & Finance Network


Maike is an account manager at a public affairs agency. She has previously been a member of various Young Fabians policy networks, and has contributed to a pamphlet by the Women’s Network. Maike also has a background in economics and is keen to ensure prospective and existing members of all genders and backgrounds feel welcome in the network.

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