Anticipations Summer 2023

We're proud to present our Summer 2023 edition of Anticipations, which focuses on constitutional issues. You can read it as a pdf here.

From regressive voter ID laws, to centralised power which locks our regions and nations out of the democratic process, it has never been so important to talk about our constitution.

Within this issue, we are pleased to bring together Young Fabian members to discuss the challenges and opportunities we face. Young people are the future of this country, and we need to be front and centre in any conversation about how we reshape our democratic processes. Whether that be talking about electoral reform, or the abolition of the monarchy.

It was a great privilege to include the contribution of Clive Betts MP on the topic of electoral reform. It’s crucial that the next Labour Government understands just how detrimental these reforms are to the fabric of our democracy - given so many people were unable to vote in May. It was great to hear from Luke Akehurst too - he sits as a member of the Labour Party National Executive Committee, and has written about electoral reform. It is testament to the hard work of all of you in the Young Fabians that we are able to draw upon the valuable experience of individuals within our party like Luke - your work keeps the organisation thriving and prestigious.

A physical copy of this issue will be mailed to all Young Fabians members in the coming weeks. To receive future editions, join the Young Fabians today, or if you are aged 31 or over, sign up for Friends of the Young Fabians + to receive physical copies of our publications. 

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