Anticipations Spring 2023 - Broken Britain: The Task Ahead for Labour

Check out our Spring 2023 edition of Antics - Broken Britain: The Task Ahead for Labour. 🌹 🇬🇧

You can read this edition of Antics here as an Issu online flipbook, or here as a pdf. 

After 13 years of Conservative austerity, public services have reached a breaking point. From sky-high NHS waiting times to extensive strikes and backlogs in courts, the next Labour government faces the difficult task of rebuilding a Broken Britain. In this edition of Antics, we present ideas for how this can be tackled in a range of policy areas, from healthcare and transport to financial services and more. We also present an interview with Paul Nowak, the newly appointed General Secretary of the Trade Unions Congress. 

A physical copy of this issue will be mailed to all Young Fabians member in the coming weeks. To receive future editions, join the Young Fabians today, or if you are aged 31 or over, sign up for Friends of the Young Fabians + to receive physical copies of our publications. 

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