Anticipations Autumn 2022 - The Environment Issue

Antics is back! Check out our Autumn 2022 edition - The Environment Issue! 🌍

You can read this edition of Antics here as an Issu online flipbook, or here as a pdf. 

In this edition, Antics features policy recommendations on topics from education, fast fashion, a carbon tax and examines the politics underpinning the climate crisis.

Within its pages, you will also find inspirational poetry, digital resources, and images of the impact of climate change across the globe, illustrating both the scale of the challenges that faces us but the hope and optimism for the future that we bring as young activists. 

It’s been a challenging year for the world - we are living in a severe cost of living and energy security
crisis. These dual crises are inseparably intertwined with the existential defining challenge of our time – the climate emergency.

Antics' Environment Issue includes contributions from the Young Fabians' membership who are not afraid to ask the tough questions when it comes to protecting the future of our planet 🌍.

This issue of Antics looks forward to consider innovative ideas that protect our environment and our future.

This edition is available online but has also been sent to Young Fabians members in the Fabian Society September mailing.

If you’re under 31, you can join the Young Fabians here - and if you're over 31, you can receive a print copy by joining Friends of the Young Fabians here.

We'd like to thank every member who contributed to Antics: The Environment Issue and to say a huge thanks to our incredible Antics Editor Amber Khan for producing this amazing publication.

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