Alternative Healthcare Manifesto

This year, the Health network is hoping to publish an Alternative Healthcare Manifesto. This will be a broad document tackling a range of issues in the UK’s healthcare system: the YF Health Network have a draft outline, though this is subject to change depending on what people are keen to write about. The YF Health Network are also keen to explore collaborations with other organisations to produce and publicise this pamphlet. Please get in touch at [email protected] for more details: and if you’re interested in writing, do let them know your experience and writing background. If you're new to writing, the YF Health Network will be happy to buddy you up with someone. They’re especially keen to hear from new members, women, and members who live outside London.

We have a draft structure in mind but we are open to ideas and suggestions

The Alternative Healthcare Manifesto - First Draft Outline


  • Introduction

Sets out methodology and what we want to achieve with this document – goals and targets - as well as a broad overview of healthcare in the UK, key challenges and opportunities. Note inclusion of case studies from across the UK.

  • Executive Summary

To include conclusions and recommendations

  • Current State of Healthcare in the UK

Overview of current Healthcare in the UK, what it does well and not so well. What areas need to fixed and what can be achieved in the short and long term?

  1. Learning from the Covid-19

The pandemic has allowed us the opportunity to draw some early conclusions and comparisons, as well as reflections on how healthcare is perceived by the public. Whilst this chapter is not specifically intended to reflect learnings around the pandemic itself, the disease has highlighted structural aspects of the current healthcare system and its capacity for change.

  • Cradle to Grave

A broad overview of people main health worries at different ages, older population could be spun out to justify a stand-alone section. Talk about the big killers such as Cancer, Heart Disease and how healthcare can help as many people as possible. Issues to talk about poverty in terms of life expectancy in Glasgow compared to Surrey, also things such as period poverty

  1. Early Years
  2. Keeping people healthier for longer
  3. Poverty effects on Healthcare/ Regional outlook (Surrey vs Middlesbrough)/
  4. Aging Population/Social Care.
  • Social Care – Vulnerable Adult and other etc

Examination of social care, everything from care homes to facilities designed for young individuals. How do we make people part of communities and giving them autonomy whilst giving them care they need and also family respite? Do we need to move to a community based care system rather singular care home for all?. Look at needs of carers and to help the profession as a whole.

  • Mental Health and Disability

Broad section on mental health and disability, lots of areas to cover and would depend on what people would want to write about. Social care would be very important similarly in this section, especially some of scandals on care homes for the disabled.

  • Devolution

How does healthcare differ across England and devolved nations, Broad scope to look at success stories what has worked, what hasn’t worked. Manchester is a model we should look at to see how its successes might be rolled out to other English regions.

  1. Scotland
  2. Wales
  3. Northern Ireland
  4. Manchester?


  • The Future

Broad future of healthcare, what is the patient experience going to be and how is it going to change, what is the role of AI etc in healthcare. Also important to look at how we prepare for future challenges including pandemics and what change has been accelerated by Covid, i.e. most doctor’s appointments can be virtual.

  1. AI and other technology
  2. Preparing for pandemics and future issues
  3. Healthcare and culture
  • Healthcare Workers and sector

Overview of the needs of healthcare sector and healthcare workers including those in pharmacy, paramedics and optometrists. Look at the role of education, how to learn on wards and potential of apprenticeships. I think looking at immigration is necessary as well as pharmaceutical sector.

  1. Education – on the wards or at Uni?
  2. Allied Healthcare professional
  3. Immigration and regional disparity, NHS passport, retention
  4. Pharmaceutical sector
  5. Private sector
  • Conclusions

Key Points and reflections relating to goals and targets of manifesto

  • Recommendations and next steps

Actions that should be implemented

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