Alex Bjarnason

Young Fabians Executive 2013-2014: Skills Officer (co-opted)

I have been co-opted to serve as skills officer for the Young Fabians executive and look forward to working with our fantastic executive and members in the coming year. I have a PhD in Biological Anthropology, was a teaching fellow at UCL, and have worked in advocacy and campaigning for several years, and will use my experience in higher education and communications to help our Young Fabians develop new skills and a stronger connection to the organisation.

This year, we will run workshops, develop online resources, and work with activists, politicians and professionals to share knowledge and provide training to help members improve their communication skills. My primary focus is encouraging members to find their voice and get published, but I’m keen to find other areas where training would be useful.

Our work on political education will profile past Deputy Leader’s of the Labour Party, which includes an array of interesting and important figures that helped shape the Labour movement. Using a combination of regular blog posts and events, we aim to develop a better understanding of Labour history, engage members, facilitate discussion and build new partnerships.

Please get in contact if you would like to get involved, have any suggestions and ideas, or would like to share your own skills, knowledge and experience.