Martin Edobor

Young Fabians Executive 2012-Present: Chair
Social Officer (co-opted), Treasurer, Vice-Chair, Young Fabians Health Network 2011-2012: Chair

Dr Martin Edobor is a NHS Doctor specialising in General Practice and the National Chair of the Young Fabians, the under-31 section of the Fabian Society, a UK centre-left think tank.

He went to University College London where he obtained a MBBS in Medicine and intercalated BSc in Medical Anthropology. He later returned to UCL to pursue a MA in Philosophy, Politics and Economics of Health and his thesis focused on the issue of personal responsibility in healthcare.

He is the founding chair of the Young Fabian Health Network, where he co-edited the publication "Irreversible? Health and social care policy in a post-coalition Landscape", exploring ways to tackle the health and social care crisis. He remains an active member of the steering group.

He is also a member of the International Network steering group, and previously led a Young Fabian delegation to Sweden for the 2014 general elections and later in august 2015 for the Social Democratic Youth League annual congress. He additionally led a Young Fabian delegation to Israel and Palestine in December 2015.

He sits on the Fabian Society Executive committee, where he represents the Young Fabians. He is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts and a founding member of Consensus, a non-aligned organization fostering open and inclusive debate amongst different wings of the Labour Party.

He is a member of the United Kingdom Labour Party and the trade unions BMA and GMB. He is also a co-founder of Labour Campaign to End Homelessness.

Martin believes the Young Fabians provides a platform for members to develop progressive ideas and policy. This year Martin will be focusing on regional expansion, membership engagement and recruitment. 

You can get in touch with Martin here

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