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One of the main aims of The Arts and Culture network is to address novel ways of approaching our society relation to policy regarding subgroups. It has been shown art is a important way of bridging distance between perceived images of others and reality. Literature holds the ability to mould our brains, inspire empathy moreover move to substantial change. Thus this book reading is a prime opportunity to hear the miltiverious experiences of what it is to be black and a man in the uk context. ‘Safe’ is a collection of 20 black men, each telling a story relating to masculinity and blackness. Within the uk context, this is important as such testimonials are rare, creating a cultural understanding is imperative to community relations. The history of black men’s relationship with instruments of the state like the care system, the police, government and education etc, is explored from a personal perspective acting as an archeological anecdote that can be generalised, as statements starting a discussion on the lived reality of UK much demonised black men.

In addition we encourage attendees to purchase Safe