The Public Authority (Accountability) Bill: Righting the wrongs of the past.

"In what could be Andy Burnham’s final act as an MP before being elected as the Mayor for Greater Manchester Regional Authority, he sets out in this bill a legacy that the Hillsborough campaigns, and the campaigners for many other justice campaigns, can be proud of."

Self-employment isn’t necessarily a choice

"We need to make sure that our unions are able to defend our rights in all working spheres, and that we have policy in place that eliminates the risk of bosses eroding those hard fought-for rights."

Labour has been framed for a crime it did not commit

"We can unite in defence of our economic record, take the Tories to task and win back some precious lost ground. The fate of our party may depend on it"

Free School Meals and Universalism

"This new policy is a welcome step in the right direction however and is a well executed piece of opposition. B minus, some good ideas, room for improvement."

Depression: Time to think more about prevention?

"Focusing on depression this World Health Day serves as a reminder that thinking about health should not be limited to conversations about funding the NHS, although of course this is important. It’s also a call to consider how environments - from schools and offices to care homes – could better promote wellbeing, rather than stress and anxiety"

The Duality of Brexit

"While the disempowerment of white working class people is a key factor in the leave vote, we cannot hope to engage with people until we attempt to engage with both of the products of this problem; the legitimate and the illegitimate"

We need to make the case for strong regulation

"Along with plenty of other woes, Brexit has brought us to a potentially dangerous deregulatory moment in which a vote to reign in elite power could be exploited to slash the protections we will inherit from the EU"

Why Labour-shaped digital skills development is not a sexy accessory but a necessity

"Labour, as the party of the workers by its very name, has to shape the future of work and prevent the Conservatives plan to give ownership of digital skills development solely into the hands of companies. "

It's Not Just Economics

"Labour must be a voice for Britain in the choppy waters that are to come "

Speak Softly Brexit

"Most importantly, Labour needs to immediately unite in opposition to the hardest Brexit possible."

Employing Society

"A job isn't just about earning an income, but also a way to develop and improve ourselves. A job can be an outlet where we share our potential and passion for the benefit of those around us."

The Gig Economy

"But as the new economy begins to replace traditional services, there is an opportunity to shape this discussion to look at re-aligning workers and businesses, rather than pushing them further apart. Finding new and positive ways to strengthen an individual’s bond with work is the most challenging question to be answered in an increasingly casual and agile economy."

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