Steering Committee

Meet our Steering Committee for 2023/24!

If you would like to contact an officer, please email [email protected]¬†marked FAO [officer], and it'll be passed on.¬†

Chair: Jacob Sammon
Secretary: Lundy Mackenzie
Vice-Chair: Jack Leader
Parliamentary Liaison Officer: Ruby Simpson
Events Officer: Ethan Penny
Communications Officer: Yotam Havkin
International Officer: Tim Safin
Trade Union Liaison Officer: Brandon Jiggins
Officer Without Portfolio: Ralph Ali

All officers (including the Chair and Secretary) are elected at the AGM. The next Advocacy Group AGM is likely to be in early 2024 (it is set as being not more than 15 weeks after the Young Fabians AGM).

The Steering Committee can co-opt members to positions other than constitutional ones (i.e., Chair or Secretary) throughout the year. If you have a skill that we might be missing on the Steering Committee, do get in touch!

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