Gendered Impact of the Pandemic

The Young Fabians have launched their latest pamphlet, Gendered Impact of the Pandemic, edited by Cecilia Jastrzembska.

The Covid-19 pandemic has claimed and continues to claim millions of lives across the world, countless livelihoods, and upended human existence as we know it. But, contrary to conservative narratives of us all being ‘in the same boat’, its effects have not been equal. It has drastically exacerbated global pre-existing inequalities, and some of the worst consequences have been suffered by those who are at the confluence of established disadvantages. As a key example, women make up over 75% of the global health workforce, meaning that they have already made up a majority of the frontline risking their lives in the war against Covid-19.

Our writers look at a comprehensive spectrum of aspects through an intersectional feminist lens, including political exploitation of the crisis to restrict women’s rights, widening pay inequality, rising feminicidal violence, plus gendered emotional and domestic labour expectations as we move to home-based working, loss of employment, and more.

You can read the pamphlet here.

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