China-Proof: A Young Fabians primer on the future of the UK-China relationship

As part of our 2014 China Programme the Young Fabians will be publishing a new pamphlet on the future of the UK-China relationship. We are inviting our members to pitch to contribute a chapter to this project. The deadline for pitches is Monday 30th June 2014 at 5pm.

The rise of China is a massive opportunity. It is critical that the next government adapts to the rise of China and the changing nature of the world around us. The government and related institutions must become ‘China-Proof’. It is a challenge to which the Labour party – with our unashamedly internationalist outlook – is uniquely suited to fulfilling. If Britain fails to adapt, it will be the poorest in society who will lose out most.

There is also a generational gap in both China and Britain. Younger Chinese think that the UK is more important and has a brighter future than older Chinese. Whilst young Brits are significantly less hostile to China and take a more idealistic, internationalist approach to foreign policy than previous generations. At this rate, we will inherit an Establishment which is not fit for purpose in the 21st century. It is our generation who will suffer the consequences as Britain loses out in an increasingly international and competitive world.


We are looking for authors to write chapters on the following themes. Each chapter will be between 1,500 and 2,000 words, be well-researched, and include concrete policy suggestions.

The top-level chapter themes are fixed – but the policy ideas and potential areas of focus are merely ideas so feel free to take your proposal in a different direction.

  • Health and Care – The development of a Chinese welfare state and the opportunities for the NHS to share expertise; the similar challenges of dealing with ageing populations, social care and pensions.
  • Traditional foreign policy – The challenges for the armed forces; China in Africa and the implications for DfID; peacekeeping; the changing role of the FCO and British Embassies.
  • Energy and environmentalism –  Food safety and supply chain transparency; climate change and multilateral negotiations including China; the development and implementation of green energy sources; improving air quality in cities.
  • Trade and Finance – Improving trade and FDI; sovereign wealth funds and investment vehicles; London as a centre for Renminbi trading.
  • Law and order / security – Cyber security; counter terrorism.
  • Local government – The importance of cities and strong local government to connect with Chinese cities.
  • Innovation – research partnerships, intellectual property, future-proofing the UK’s innovation system and manufacturing base
  • Multilateral relationships – Britain’s role and relationship with China in and/or through organisations such as the EU, UN, G8, NATO.

If you are keen to contribute, please fill out the application form.

If you have any questions please email jmullan AT / ajtyndall AT

Joel Mullan, International Officer; Adam Tyndall, co-editor


Will you pitch to write a chapter in our China-proof pamphlet?