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The Young Fabians International Network is a working group of progressives and democratic socialists within the Fabian Society who are committed to the principle of internationalism. Our focus as Fabians and as members of the Labour Party is to speed up the emergence of a truly international, interconnected socialist movement for a freer, more equal, more sustainable, more just life for all.

Our four aims distinguish our work from the broader project of building socialism. These are:

1.   To raise awareness within the Labour movement and outside it of the international scale of contemporary social and political struggle, and to turn that awareness into action. We begin with education: political discourse must start bu putting imperialism, colonialism, and capitalist economic globalisation (past and present) in their historical contexts. Only then we can tell the story of how peoples’ movements for progress (as well as movements to resist progress) become international in scale.

2.   To draw attention and give platforms to individuals, political groups and social movements around the world which are engaged in struggles allied to our own. Especially important are those that currently receive less attention from the British left than they deserve, from our fellow socialist youth movements to anti-racist and anti-colonial left parties in the Global South and beyond. In so doing we build real partnerships which can go beyond annual summits and lead to lasting, practical, day-to-day joint work.

3.   To help build effective international institutions and frameworks for collective action between socialists and progressives in all countries. This can mean hosting seminars and talks, publishing writing and video, running ‘exchange programs’ between Labour and friendly parties around the world, and more.

4.   To orient practical policy-making activity towards an international and internationalist point of view. This means hosting policy workshops, expert panels, and publishing research and insight in dedicated policy pamphlets. This is especially important for issues like freedom of movement, contemporary anti-imperialism and anti-colonialism, global tax assessment and global regulations on capital flows. 

The Young Fabians International Network is a participatory, democratic space, dedicated to the proposition that politics is for everyone, not just for politicians and political specialists. We welcome people of all backgrounds and strongly reject discrimination on the basis of ethnic origin, nationality, class, race, sexual orientation, disability, neuro-atypicality and gender identity. While we also reject ageism, membership of the Young Fabians is limited to persons under the age of 31. 

To find out more about our work and how you can get involved, visit us here. For more about the Fabian Society as a whole, visit the national website here.

Steering Committee

Hollie Wickens

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Nolan MacGregor

Policy and Outreach Coordinator

Eloise Harris

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Slydon Chifwala Lungu

Committee Coordinator

David Lawrence

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Cello Vashti

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