Labour Cannot Win on the NHS Alone

Rachel Megan Barker, Young Fabian member writes on last night's by-elections.

Forget where Labour goes from here – What’s Theresa May’s next step?

Young Fabian, Kerri Prince writes on last night's election results.

As the Polls Close

As the polls close in the by-elections, two Young Fabian members share their experiences campaigning.

Is the Labour Party Having an Identity Crisis?

How do we as a party adapt to being the third-most popular party amongst working class voters?

Love's Labour's Lost

Recent case law has made it all too clear that the UK is failing when it comes to civil relationship law. 

Pitching for Antics Spring 2017

I am currently preparing the next edition of Anticipations on the theme "It's the New Economy, Stupid?"

To Educate is to Empower

Many of my peers who fall into the 18-24 category will (albeit embarrassedly) admit that they have little to no knowledge about politics. As we have gotten older some have ventured to educate themselves through reading the newspaper or watching the news, but they lack a fundamental understanding of our political system. 

Spotlight on: Education Network

Labour must not shy away from tackling the failings in our education system

Joel Mullan reviews some of the insights emerging from the Young Fabians Education Network.

Northern Ireland - A Burning Problem

Northern Ireland. It’s tiny, it’s across a sea, and the main UK political parties don’t run there (whether they should is a topic for a different debate). Often, there is no incentive to engage with difficult issues because they won’t win elections.

However, the recent political scandals in Northern Ireland highlights just how important this small country can be.

Automated Responses

Automation: it’s inevitable and it’s here. As humanity’s technological capability continues enhancing, we are developing smarter ways to make our lives easier.

Labour and Tuition Fees

Labour should see reducing University fees as a long term goal, not a priority.


Anticipations Editorial: Education and Opportunity

It is an exciting and daunting challenge for me to take on the editorship of Anticipations against the backdrop of recent changes in the world. The UK voted to leave the EU, Donald Trump is president elect of the United States, and many of Labour’s sister parties in Europe join us hesitantly watching the rise of the “alt-right”.


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