Labour should politicise the Grenfell Tower tragedy, but in the appropriate way

If Labour manages to do this, and if it makes sure that its politicising is based firmly in facts and grounded evidence, it will not only do a much better job at helping the victims of the fire, but it’s also much more likely to present itself as a party ready to take power. 

Can we afford ‘NOT’ to pay for your child’s education?

Limiting life chances, creating poverty and resentment will inevitably drain the finances of the National Budget as it looks to socially support these individuals later in life.

Could Cornwall Turn Red?

Labour needs to be on an election footing, ready to build on the unexpected successes of the 2017 campaign and win those marginal seats in regions like Cornwall, that are needed to secure a majority and return a Labour government to power.

How will the General Election affect the chances of a return to power sharing in Northern Ireland?

The DUP are in ascendancy, but democracy and peace in Northern Ireland will pay the price.

Environmental Policy and the Future of Labour

The Young Fabians are launching an exciting new project, which seeks to explore the opportunities for green policy’s integration into Labour’s platform and outline some key strategies for what a green Labour agenda would look like in the short term and the long term. The project will culminate in the launch of a policy pamphlet, outlining how Labour might harness a more impactful and integrated environmental agenda in the future.

Corbyn's not Wilson- he's Thatcher

Forget minority governments, and forget opposition. An Attlee 1945 style revolution is there if we want it and if we fight for it. The times are a changing

Introducing #DevLab

The No Barriers Foundation works to tackle poverty every day. We’re an education charity, set up in Manchester and founded and ran by a Young Fabian member. Our focus is on education as history tells us this is the surest and most sustainable route out of poverty. We’re hiring teachers in Bangladesh as well as resourcing schools in Guyana, Kenya and Tanzania

It's time to rewrite Britain's Constitution

A written constitution could give Britain the strength and stability that the Conservatives have failed to deliver.

Where now for Labour?

Two years ago the Fabians set out the mountain that Labour had to climb after that years’ election defeat. That peak has now been greatly reduced and victory is now more a very plausible outcome given the weakness of the government’s position. But given the fluid nature of British politics at the moment it’s a high stakes bet.

Questions of "who are the DUP?" are missing the point.

Ignorance of the progressive voices in Northern Ireland, and shutting ears to the cries of minorities in the province has allowed politics to fester.

GE17 - Anticipations liveblog

 - Conservatives 9 seats short of a majority government; forced into coalition with the DUP.

 - Labour gain seats across the country, coming from third to win in Portsmouth South, making +29 net gains. 

 - Labour gain 7 MPs in Scotland, and make strong performances in London, gaining Enfield Southgate, Battersea and Kensington. 

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