Twitter’s Terms and Conditions

Greg Gillette discusses the damaging effects of uncensored social media content. He also makes the case for these channels to take a more active and responsible editorial approach to the content being published through their sites. 

March Macroeconomic Update

This update was co-authored by Chris Wongsosaputro, Chief Macroeconomist of the Young Fabian Economy and Finance Network and Amarvir Singh-Bal, The Secretary of the Economy and Finance Network and lead of the Economic Update Team.


Has Britain Had Enough of Experts?

Michael Gove’s infamously said ‘Britain’s has had enough of experts’.

Oliver Harman analyses how this compares to Boris Johnson being always flagged by his Chief Scientific Officer and how strictly we are being led by science currently, a vast change from a mere three years ago. Oliver also asks why health professionals get put on a pedestal whilst economists got slammed?

The second piece of a two-part series on Covid-19.