YF: Young Labour nomination process code of conduct 2021

Young Labour is seeking candidates to fill four new roles on the Young Labour National Committee (YLNC):

  • BAME Officer
  • Disabled Members Officer
  • LGBT+ Officer
  • Women’s Officer

Each officer would serve an 18 month term on the YLNC. More information and Young Labour's eligibility criteria, are available here.

As an affiliate of the Labour Party, the Young Fabians (YF) may nominate candidates for these roles. We will do so by balloting our members who joined YF before Friday 26 March. Our ballot will take place in late April through early May, to select a nominee using a Single Transferable Vote electoral system (STV) for any contests of more than 2 candidates; or first past the post (FPTP) for any contests of 2 candidates only. YF’s nominees would then be announced and would appear on the ballot of Young Labour members, to take place in the summer.

Our code of conduct for candidates, and their supporters among the YF membership, in this process is as follows: 


  • Usage of paid advertising or boosted social media specifically asking for YF's endorsement.
  • Usage of Fabians membership data to campaign for a particular candidate or against another.
  • Messaging of individual YF members about the nomination process after they have asked you to stop.
  • Threats, bullying, harassment or discrimination.
  • Usage of YF platforms (including Antics, Blog and Podcast), emailing lists, social media channels (including networks'/groups' channels), or group chats to promote a particular candidate or campaign against another.


  • A 150-word campaign statement supplied via the nomination form, which will be shared with YF members along with the ballots.
  • Direct personal communication with people you already know using your own data.
  • Reasonable use of your own existing social media accounts.
  • Positive, respectful, courteous and professional tone and content at all times.

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